Consumer Financing for Better Customer Service

Consumer FinancingIf you’re truly committed to providing quality customer service, then offering consumer finance options is something that you should definitely consider. You’re customers are well aware that they have options within your industry.

Creating the sort of brand loyalty needed to build a successful customer base in today’s market requires more than just straightforward talk and a firm handshake.

Trust us when we say that if your customers don’t feel as though you’re doing all that you can to cater to their best interest, they’ll gladly go off in search of a provider who will.

Comprehensive Assistance with In-House Financing

That’s why we here at Foxworth Commercial Capital offer simplified consumer finance solutions. Rather than simply selling you a service, we’ll work with you throughout the life of your program to help ensure its success. From program implementation to managing your in-house financing portfolio, our services are truly comprehensive.

Best of all, your participation in this program virtually guarantees customer satisfaction. Customers looking for financing will enjoy benefits such as:

  • Instant credit approvals
  • Financing options for all credit profiles
  • Flexible repayment structures
  • Outstanding incentive programs

The issue of the affordability of your products and/or services will become of thing of the past. Plus, your customers will appreciate your willingness to work with them, which enhances your chances of retaining their business in the future.

Give Us A Call

You’ll quickly find that your decision to incorporate consumer financing options into your business model will be the best one that you can make to secure the loyalty of your clientele. Let our team here at Foxworth Commercial Capital help you with this process. For more details on our Consumer Financing program, give us a call today.