Access Cash for Your Business Goals in 24 Hours With Accounts Receivable Financing

Accounts Receivable FinancingFinding a funding solution is difficult when your business does not want to acquire debt or you do not believe your company’s credit history will qualify you for a bank loan.

Unfortunately, in times of low cash flow, you still need to cover operating costs and fund projects important for the growth of your company.

Foxworth Commercial Capital has the answer for your business: accounts receivable financing. Our specialized program gets you funding through the sale of your open invoices.

Capital for Today’s Needs and Tomorrow’s Goals

Financing receivables, also known as factoring, is used by businesses owners who need capital but do not want to use a traditional lending option. Since factoring is fast and simple, it is an ideal option for covering immediate expenses or investments in your company’s growth. Selling your invoices can get your business:

  • Funds to cover payroll, vendor payments or repairs
  • Cash to expand supplies or raw materials for an increase in orders
  • Investment money for expansion plans

Fast and Simple Access to Funds

Covering your operating costs or investing in growth is possible without a traditional bank loan:

  • Factoring is a sale, not a loan, so your business does not incur debt. You are selling your company’s assets, your open invoices, to us.
  • Factoring invoices does not require personal guarantees.
  • Your business can qualify quickly even with little or no credit history. We focus on the credit of your customers.

The application and approval process is much quicker and easier than a loan. You can have cash within 24 hours.

Get Cash for Your Invoices

Contact us today to learn about financing your receivables. We can get you started on a funding solution for your current business needs and your future goals.