Is Equity Financing A True Alternative To Debt Loans?



Having enough cash to keep operations running is a problem that many business owners encounter during the first few years of an establishment’s existence. There are plenty of ways to find the money that you might need, but a great deal of these center around going into debt via loans. While there are some amazing benefits that come from taking out a loan, it does not always come across as the most palatable decision to make. Luckily, there are alternatives out there. Equity financing, for example, can be a terrific way for you to get the money that you need to stay above water while simultaneously avoiding digging yourself deeper into debt.

The first thing to understand about this option is what, exactly, it entails. Essentially, equity financing allows you to sell shares of your business to potential investors. Instead of having to pay back money that is put into your business, you are receiving funds from those who see value to what you have to offer. Investors benefit as much as owners because investing allows for a potential chance to become a partial owner to a company over the years. Once an investor becomes a partial owner, he or she has the opportunity to receive some of the profits that the business sees. It is this way that most investors see a return from the investments that they make.

An important thing to consider when exploring your options with equity financing is what type of investors you will be targeting. Many business owners begin by trying to find investors for small amounts in their immediate circles. This can mean family members, close friends or even former business partners. This can be beneficial when you are attempting to gain a bit of capital, but not looking to rake in a whole bunch of cash. You can, however, reach beyond your immediate circle and find bigger investments, as well. If your business has worth that can be easily seen from the outside, then you may be able to explore what bigger investors can do. While there are no guarantees with making an investment, it can be made a little less risky when a company seems like it will be profitable in the future.

There are many ways that equity financing can allow you the room that you need for your business to succeed. Once the doors to investing have been opened, you will be able to share in both the joys and defeats of your business and have a team there to see you through to financial success.


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