Boosting Your Commercial Real Estate Profile


It’s a common approach to spend a lot of time advertising properties. However, how much time do you spend advertising yourself? You are an important part of your business. If you don’t spend the time getting your name out there and telling people why they should work with you, then you are missing out of creating solid relationships that could really take your business to the next level. That is why it is so important to boost your commercial real estate profile.

What Clients Want

When you are thinking about your profile, you have to think about what the clients want. You don’t want to just be dragging in business from people who see a listing and are mostly interested in the property. This won’t help you to form a long lasting relationship and won’t lead to solid business deals. You want the client to be attracted to you and what you can do for them.

What a client wants is to work with someone they can trust and someone who they feel is knowledgeable. You have to prove to them that you are those things. You have to market yourself in a way that will attract them to you, not just your properties.

Promote Yourself

You should spend some of your time promoting yourself. You need to create marketing materials that show you are trustworthy and knowledge. You want to let clients know that you are the only one that can help them and that you are the one who can do the best job. Make sure you develop materials that get your message across clearly and that help get your name out there.

So, how can you do this and be affective? The best way is to harness the power of the internet. Get yourself online and create a huge presence. Create a blog where you write about the properties you have sold and the recent happenings in the market. This helps to establish your expertise. Also include things like advice, tips and ideas in your blog. Avoid just posting things that everyone is talking about. Write in-depth posts and really show off your knowledge.

Once you have your blog, you need to get the word out about it. Make good use of social media sites to help advertise your blog and draw people to it. After all, if nobody is reading it, then it won’t do you much good.

Boosting your commercial real estate profile is about making people realize you are the best person for the job. Instead of simply drawing in clients because they are interested in your properties, you will be drawing people in because they want to work with you specifically. This will develop long term relationships that will increase your bottom line.


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